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Apartment for rent in Goldseason – Nguyen Tuan

Price: 0906975797
Apartment for rent in The Legend, 109 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan. 
Contact: Ms. Pham Hanh 0936530388
Leasing Price List

Number of bedrooms



Leasing Price

2 bedrooms

50 - 59 - 67 - 76

Status quo

8 -9 million


10 -11 million


14 -15 million

3 bedrooms

80 - 90 -95 -100 - 102- 120

Status quo

9-10 million


12-13 million


15-18 million

4 bedrooms


Status quo

15 million


18 million


22 million

Type of Advertisement
Property for rent
Created date
18/05/2024 13:09

Hãy gọi cho chúng tôi ngay để được XEM NHÀ NGAYTƯ VẤN MIỄN PHÍ

Hotline: 0936 530 388

( Hỗ trợ tư vấn khách hàng 24/7 )

Apartment Details
Goldseason 47 Nguyen Tuan was inspired by Manhattan - the business and commercial center of New York City - USA. It’s a masterpiece of art, architecture & landscapes; a product of crystallization between "gold position - building design - living utilities and creative inspiration".
There are total 4 buildings with 1475 apartments:
• Summer Tower: 35 floors in height with 375 apartments
• Autumn Tower: 35 floors in height with 400 apartments
• 5 Seasons Court: 35 floors in height with 400 apartments
• Spring Court: 27 floors in height with 300 apartments

  • Project name: “Goldseason or Goldseason Apartment” - 47 Nguyen Tuan
  • Project location: 47 Nguyen Tuan - Thanh Xuan District - Ha Noi Capital
  • Project Owner: American Real Estate Joint Stock Company
  • Operating Unit: TNR Holdsings Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company
  • Design unit: American design Mole Ruble Yudell firm
  • Executing unit: Hoa Binh Construction and Real Estate Corporation
  • Total planning area: 22,000m2
  • Construction density: only 36.4%
  • Scale of project: Including 4 buildings Autumn, Summer 1, Summer 2 and Spring from 27 to 35 floors
  • Number of basements: 3 basements
  • Utilities: 99 different utilities
The Goldseason project is located in the prime location of Thanh Xuan District, where there is convenient traffic, synchronous infrastructure, education system on TOP in Hanoi. Shopping, entertainment and moving easily by the main roads: Le Van Luong, Nguyen Trai, Tran Duy Hung, Lang, 3 Great.
In addition, the advantage of fast bus BRT service which has been put into operation, the overhead tram line will be put into operation has made this area in recent years be the focus of young couples wanting to own a central apartment to facilitate their relocation to the workplace, and their children are well placed to study.

Situated on a 2 hectare wide plot at 47 Nguyen Tuan, GoldSeason project is the former land of the Winter Textile Company. Nguyen Tuan street links two main roads Nguyen Trai and Le Van Luong. Nguyen Tuan street is planned to expand 9m to ensure good traffic for the area around here.
Goldseason Apartments provide residents with a green lifestyle; safety, comfort and high community.
Living at goldseason, residents will enjoy up to 99 different utilities, with 3 secure self contained enclosure security, intelligent building management system, automatic fire protection system, professional building management unit. .
Being like a fine wine of class, Goldseason 47 Nguyen Tuan embraces all four seasons of the year will make many customers "drunk" because of the advantages to the advantages, for life in the middle of the gold coordinates of the capital becomes a real dream.
Goldseason has fully integrated high-end gadgets and clear utility subdivision.


Manhattan Square is the green lung of the Goldseason project, with over 26 different gadgets. This will give residents a green space, comfort and security.
  • Solar gate
  • Spring grass carpet
  • Water and light square
  • The garden of the sun
  • Four seasons road
  • Pavilion memories
  • Festival carnival
  • Garden BBQ reunion
  • Multi-purpose sports field
  • Mobile 3-layer security


Autumn: with 5 service levels focused on intellectual development, gifted and scholarly environment for young members at Goldseason
  • Autumn garden
  • Autumn reception hall
  • The pavement strolls fall
  • Library
  • Aerobic / Yoga Room
  • Dancesport / dance room
  • Ballroom / Billard Room
  • Community living room
  • Party room
  • Painting Department
  • Music room
  • Indoor play room and physical development

Summer 1 và Summer 2: 5 storey commercial center, fully integrated facilities to meet the needs of entertainment, dining, shopping, beauty:
  • Supermarket
  • The pavement of the summer
  • Asia Food Court
  • Cofe Side walk area
  • Summer garden secret
  • Welcome to the summer
  • Autobanking area 24/7
  • 24/7 pharmacy
  • International clinic
  • Beauty Salon
  • Cloud Pool Swimming Pool
  • Solarium and relaxation
  • Swimming pool
Spring: The only court to have the most private, quiet space for residents:
  • Spring welcomed room
  • Walking pavement of spring
  • Four season swimming pool
  • Four seasons baby tank
  • Four seasons Jacuzzi
  • Relax chair
  • Sky lounge
  • 24/7 ATM at lobby
  • Indoor play area
  • Experimental garden
  • Library
  • Knowledge Corner
  • Pleasant chairs

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