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Cho thuê căn hộ chung cư Sky Park Residence - số 3 Tôn Thất Thuyết

số 3 Tôn Thất Thuyết
Price: 17 milion 0906975797
"Sustainable value - Full life"
Leasing Price List
+ 2 bedroom apartment, 2WC, area of 63m2 - 79m2 - 91m2. Rental price of CB: from 13 million / Full: from 17 million
+ 3 bedroom apartment, 2WC, area 128m2 - 133m2. Rental price of CB: from 15 million / Full: from 20 million
+ 4 bedroom apartment, 2WC, area of 159m2. Rental price of CB: from 17 million / Full: from 22 million
Sky Park Residence
số 3 Tôn Thất Thuyết, phường Dịch Vọng Hậu, quận Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội.
Type of Advertisement
Property for rent
Created date
20/06/2024 22:30
Balcony view
South East

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Apartment Details

We , Peaceland company , have an apartment in Sky Park Residence No.3 Ton That Thuyet, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi.
24/7 : Ms.Hanh 0936.530.388
Sky Park Residence provides modern lifestyle, smart combination of apartments, offices, retail shops and commercial service within a single complex. Construction quality and standard of Sky Park equal 5 star hotel, guarantee to offer the best experience for customers.
Project info
-    7 ground floors ( 1 basement – 6 ground )
-    Building A consist of 37 floors ( provide 360 apartments )
-    Building B consist of 27 floors ( provide 136 apartments )
-    Layout of 2 – 4 bedroom and 4 penthouses
Sky Park Residence located in the center of all the office streets in Cau Giay District, nearby are the government facilities, embassy, headquarters of finance corporation...
The area of 3km around is covered by many facilities such as: hospitals, malls, multi-grade school, parks, gyms... providing all the services from basic to best of residence.
The interior is designed with:
-    4 season pool in between the 2 buildings
-    Gym, Spa located on 6th floor
-    Sky bar on 37th floor
-    Bank, supermarket on 1st and 2nd floor
Hotline: 0243.3845678
Email: info.peaceland@gmail.com
Website: www.peacelands.vn
Peaceland provides many apartments for rent in Sky Park Residence No.3 Ton That Thuyet.
Contact: 0936.530.388
Website: www.peacelands.vn
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"Sustainable value - Full life"
     Address: No. 3 Ton That Thuyet - Cau Giay - Hanoi
     Investor: Thanh Hoa Construction Corporation - CTCP
     Type: Complex of commercial centers and high-class apartments
     Total land area: 6,786 m2
     Construction area: 3,342 m2
     Construction density: 49.4%
     Floor density: 8 units / floor in court B and 12 units / floor in court A
Floor density: Meets European standards
  The corridor is from 2.2m to 3.2m wide.
  Ceiling air conditioning system - 2-way Daikin VRV - Inverter IVS technology (super saving)
  Fireproof door 70 minutes
  Microwave combination grill 8 functions
  All cabinet doors and doors are equipped with shock absorbers, shock absorbers ...
  BMS fire alarm system automatically fast, accurate and effective

Sky Park Residence is located at Lot D25 *, No. 3 Ton That Thuyet, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
     North: Ton That Thuyet street
     South direction: view Supreme People's Procuratorate, Trung Kinh street
     East direction: view Cau Giay Park, contiguous to the Palace of Knowledge
     West direction: view the lake regulating 32ha wide Yen Hoa Park

Located in the center of Cau Giay new urban area, golden land on Hanoi map has been affirmed to be the new economic-political center of the Capital. Sky Park Residence is surrounded by Cau Giay Park, the most beautiful and modern 32ha Yen Hoa park in the capital, connecting the arterial roads of the city, synchronous infrastructure and utilities in the population. International standard residence creates a green, clean and classy living environment.
The project has 2 sides adjacent to the big road: Ton That Thuyet and Dich Vong Hau stretched. Right opposite Ton That Thuyet Street, My Dinh bus station is the biggest transport hub from Hanoi to all provinces. From the project, it is easy to access the ring road 3, it is possible to connect 9 districts throughout the city and speed up to move to provinces such as Lao Cai, Thai Nguyen, Hai Phong ...
Low population density, stable, ensuring no traffic congestion
Sky Park Residence is located in the center of the most synchronous and modern utility infrastructure in Hanoi, ensuring a comprehensive quality of life for residents.
The focal point of Cau Giay connection - the place that gathers the most and the most quality universities: FPT University, National University, Pedagogical University, Academy of Journalism & Propaganda, Foreign Language University ...

Residents can be assured of medical quality when only 400 meters away from the Central Blood Transfusion Institute, 2 km away to Hospital 198 and Traditional Medicine Hospital.
Sky Park Residence Ton That Thuyet has a synchronous utility system for future owners to immerse themselves in the pure water of a 4-season swimming pool, relax and renew energy at the Gym, Spa with the current equipment. Great, with friends, relatives enjoy a luxurious dinner and sip Italian-quality Cappuccino at SkyBar restaurant - The place of heaven and earth - at the ideal height drop the view of the city at night.
Sky Park Residence is the most luxurious apartment in Hanoi, locating standard values.

The project is surrounded by green ecological environment, ensuring a friendly living space for residents (50 m to Yen Hoa park 32 ha, 200 m to Cau Giay park.

Sky Park Residence is the only residential project on the million dollar street - Ton That Thuyet. Located in a unique position in Cau Giay new urban area, concentrating heavily on state agencies, headquarters, areas with synchronous - diverse - modern infrastructure.
The project will spend up to 2500m2 to build an international standard kindergarten, maximizing entertainment and entertainment space for children.
Designing a basement and 3 levels of elevated and modern parking facilities, ensuring comfortable parking for residents, not worrying about flooding, air pollution ...

The project has the highest level of high-class interior wall delivery in existing high-end segments.

Using equipment and furniture to prioritize comfort, luxury, absolute safety such as: Daikin central air conditioning system, Hager generator system, anti-shock system, fire-resistant door 70 minutes , accurate fire alarm ...

Sky Park Residence is a masterpiece created from real use values, carefully calculated, meticulous care, perfect to every detail ...


Design: The space in each apartment is in direct contact with the light, natural oxygen combined with the continuous interlacing slots along the construction height, 2 loggias wide design.

Furniture: Using products with the most advanced technology currently from prestigious international brands and high quality such as TOTO electronic toilet, Daikin Inverter VRV 2-way central air conditioner, electric system Siemens dynamics, Led Philips lighting, security systems, IP technology bell of Honeywell and many other brands.
The investor is very careful and sophisticated in selecting furniture to ensure high applicability, satisfying the need to use and enjoy comfortable life in the apartment itself. All furniture items such as doors, kitchen cabinets, bedroom cabinets, bathrooms are installed anti-impact, no noise. High-end electrical safety devices for children, the lowest anti-shock system today is only 0.3 ampere. The bathroom is designed and selected with standard millimeter interior, TOTO anti-water washbasin, 4-function electronic toilet: Warm water, automatic washing spray, drying, heating, wall shower aesthetics
Sky Park Residence is a complex consisting of 2 shopping centers, basement and 3 convenient high-rise parking lots, 496 luxurious apartments and Penthouses along with a comprehensive utility system for future owners to immerse themselves in the crystal 4 season swimming pool, relax and recreate energy in Gym, Spa with modern equipment, with friends, relatives to enjoy luxurious dinner and sip Italian essence Cappuccino at SkyBar restaurant - Where heaven and earth intersection - at an ideal height drop view of the whole city at night.
17 milion







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